Kidnapped: Ep. 5 (B2S on the Street)



Hi, I'm Julian. I grew up making videos and music with my friends and somehow never stopped. I post new stuff here all the time so check back or download my app from the App Store!

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  1. Venessa T. said:

    Haha, okay, I’ll subscribe, even though the contest is closed. :P

  2. abeer said: and are my foavourite website.
    I love the kidnapped series!

  3. Ebonny said:

    Lol is this for real – did you achually do that?

  4. Zac said:

    Man, you got guts for doing that. Your freaking hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing at malk and hot kool aid. Your amazing. keep doing what your doing and good luck with where you want to go.

  5. blackbeauty said:

    You know that these are real people off the street. I was the one who asked the people to subscribe. that man is so stuburn I didn’t say anything because he is in the army:p

  6. Megan Hiatt said:

    I think that would have been SO much fun. Going on the stret all taped up, pepole looking at you like youre crazy.

  7. Jaqueline said:

    That must b soo cool wandering in the streets talking to people u don’t know and all taped up. I’ve never been taped up like that. :)

  8. meggers said:

    If you came up to me I would have said heck yeah right away, even before you said anything about the Ipod, though I would have entered more times after I heard about the Ipod.

  9. Sazho said:

    HA! He said no… KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, T-T