Kidnapped: Ep. 6 (Captive Music Video)


Hi, I'm Julian. I grew up making videos and music with my friends and somehow never stopped. I post new stuff here all the time so check back or download my app from the App Store!

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  1. Selena said:

    I’m back… and I really really really want your hat! :) hehe… I like it!

  2. KT said:

    I love this music video!!! I love all your music videos, but this one is definitely top. If you put it on iTunes I’ll buy it for my lil bro. :)

  3. nicky said:


  4. Sophieeeee said:

    Wow… I agree with Alyssa, and man, you look hot! :D

  5. Jaqueline said:

    That music video rocked! But I didn’t like it. I LOVED IT! :)

  6. Grace said:

    I subscribed! (About a year after this was posted.) :)

  7. Leonardo Holstein said:

    I’m going to tell the lot of my mates about this groovy site because I like it . In my opinion I reckon it’s pretty unique & just a small bit quirky, which in my humble opinion is good. I’m going to make it it as a favourite

  8. Adam said:

    Wow. This is like, so horrible. HORRIBLY EPIC! =DDDDDDDD It made me get up and yell in my brother’s face “Ye, I’m a CAPTIVE! Eh Eh Eh” xPP Aweeesome vid.

  9. estacy2017 said:

    ya look hot in this video julian! oh and i am from nashville!

  10. awsome said:

    my brother threw my mom’s ipod in the bath and it broke!

  11. un-named said:

    this is stuck in my head….

    ba ba ba ba ba baba ba ba ba ba ba

    wait now its not…

  12. un-named said:


    am i the only one who thinks julian is gorgeous?

  13. Julian Rocks! said:

    You are amazing! Me and my friends sing this ALL the time! Especially this part: so who wants an ipod? Me! You do? Yeah I do! Did u subscribe? No.then no ipod for you! LOLLLLLLL!!!! Julian.please. put.this.on.itunes!

  14. Julian Rocks! said:

    I sing this alot! Ill just go around singing,yeah im a captive! And I’ve been told that I can’t live,by a reliable source,unless I’ve got a captive audieeenncee! Yeah,I sing it and my parents look at me like im a freak. But who cares? Not me! Cuz im a captive! Yeah, im being held captive,by Julian Smith, I guess im part of his captive audience!

  15. Jessie M. Brannon said:

    I’m a captive!!!! Absolutely LOVE this song!

  16. Imara said:

    Hey! this is the first time im leaving a comment and this video was great. Really. Just so you know ( If you didnt know alread (This is for Julianto read) i live on the tiny island of Kauai in Hawaii and even here people are walking around talking about your videos. Good job.

  17. msv1234 said:

    So who wants an iPod? ME! You want one? I do! Did you subcribe? No. THEN NO IPOD FOR YOU!!!!!
    lol that cracks me up every time

  18. Nicole Fiore said:

    I love your videos you’re awesome <3

  19. Sazho said:

    … Okay this one made me laugh, re-use it, in, some… way’r, sumthin’.

  20. Marco said:

    Yeah, why isn’t this on YouTube? I was very saddened D:

  21. Nilza said:

    Wow. Sounds exciting AC. What a pgliivedre! Can’t wait to hear the details and specifics on the interview. Great job as always and thanks for all you bring to us!