Kidnapped: Ep. 8 (Series Finale)


Hi, I'm Julian. I grew up making videos and music with my friends and somehow never stopped. I post new stuff here all the time so check back or download my app from the App Store!

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  1. EpicSmiley said:

    Dude u r my freaking hero! I hope u make some more new halarious videos soon!

  2. EpicSmiley said:

    oh yeah P.S. dude u are by far the #1 Website i have seen all of ur videos!!!

  3. Selena said:

    so awesome… so sad it’s over though!!! man! gotta love Julian Smith!

  4. Matthew said:

    MMMMM!! I’ma want me some chitlens! What are chitlins?

  5. the unnamed said:

    love the slo mo running,
    ur the best
    if u stop making videos i will spontaneously combust.

  6. nicky said:

    when he was running down the street i wanted him to get hit by a car xD no affence lol

  7. mr. banana cream PIE said:

    lol me and my firends luv ur shows our social studies teacher has us watch them all the time in class !!!

  8. Babar John said:

    OMG! Julian! You are the most creative video-maker i have ever known or heard of and i luv ur videos! keep it up! some people say that some are stupid, but that’s what makes them funny, right?! THX!

  9. Haillie said:

    Wow I love the music on this one it’s amazing where can I get it

  10. Sophieeeee said:

    Slightly cooler that usual… is that even possible? ;)

  11. anna said:

    wow, even though it’s a spoof, it’s awesome! You should act full time!

  12. sydney said:

    this was intense ( like camping) ( in tents)…….. good job julian!

  13. Naphaner said:

    xD that was friggin awesome! i loved when u like fell before u started running lulz ure awesomeeee!!! :D

  14. Jadey7 said:

    “You’ve got yourself one main series finale.” You bet I do. This series really is movie quality. Like, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter 7 quality. The acting, the music. Gotta love it. I really liked the running down the road. It felt like the end of a movie. And the dancing was epic. ;)

    Keep it up, man. Even if Kidnapped season 2 is the end and you leave youtube.. Don’t waste your talent. And you’ve obviously got a lot of it.

  15. yeahmon said:

    Julian smith your an awesome dude…Please dont stop making your’e videos, there awesome and everyone loves them! So please think twice about not making your videos. :)

  16. Cheyann said:

    those airline commercials r so weird………….

  17. Cheyann said:

    And haha you looked so heroic!! Like in a movie!! lol. nice video. That nice cool air must’ve felt nice after weeks inside. (except that one video where you went on the streets…….)