Kidnapped: Ep. 4


Hi, I'm Julian. I grew up making videos and music with my friends and somehow never stopped. I post new stuff here all the time so check back or download my app from the App Store!

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  1. manzocat said:

    hey Julian id just like to say that my friend and I were thinking of becoming youtube fenominomsaaaaaa….and i was wonderinn if you could give us some ideas cos were stumped… :p

    Thnx manzocat Aka Cattiecat

  2. Julian M. said:

    @manzocat (obviously)
    Do short sketches to start. If you haven’t got the proper equipment yet, do animations and maybe machinima before getting into real filming.

    I’ve started a machinima group. Unfortunately I didn’t pick the best crew because half of them don’t want to participate. They just wanted to be voice actors… >:(

    So let that be a lesson to you. Choose your crew wisely.

  3. crappycrap said:

    hahaha the song!
    and Marc Scibilia’s hot! =p

  4. Matt Steggell said:

    Hey julian i think that you should make a song of Mark and Chris, Singing julian but make a full length song.

  5. Alle said:

    Hey Julian I was wondering if you can you type back hey or something because i LOVVEEEE YOUR VIDEOSS!!!!! ive seen all your shows!!

  6. Batboy said:

    Some friend he is. Doesn’t even try to get you out of there.

  7. blackbeauty said:

    My hunny bunny had so much fun filming this as you know jullian and I are boyfriend and girlfriend he was like no way this is gonna work. and I convinced him to do it

  8. Jaqueline said:

    That was funny when Julian was taped on the floor. Hahahahaha :)

  9. meggers said:

    I really liked how Julian was taped to the floor the whole time they were singing, but i bet it hurt when it was time for him to get up. :P What I am wondering is why Marc didn’t try to help Julian in any way, if I was Julian’s friend and he was taped to the floor like that I would have called the police! But I have never met Julian so all I can do is say “Some friend”

  10. Naphaner said:

    i felt akward for mark xD great video i loved it your awsum!!!! :D

  11. kyle.s said:

    hay julian love the vids thair awsome
    and me and a friend desided to make a video of are own so if u could give me any pointers plzz email me if u can thanx man

  12. Sazho said:

    The song. That’s it, and I could not figure out who was singin’ when.