Jacquese and the Ringtone

You heard right, ladies and gents… Jacquese’s Phat Beat is now available to download as a ringtone.


Hi, I'm Julian. I grew up making videos and music with my friends and somehow never stopped. I post new stuff here all the time so check back or download my app from the App Store!

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  1. repulsively atracted said:

    for those of you dedicated julian fans:

    the guy who answered the door eating chips is the same guy who was running with Julian in the Captive Music Video….

  2. Jorna Xo said:

    This is GENIUS.

    I am getting my new iphone 3GS tomorrow, which I decided I desperately needed after seeing Julian’s Got my Mac on video, so now I can have Jacquese’s Ringtone too!

  3. Victoria said:

    The guy in the back fixing the car was so win. I laughed so hard at that!

  4. Ringtones said:

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  5. kaitlin said:

    i tried to dowload it to my iphone 3GS and i want the ringtone soo bad .. but i clicked the link as well as copiedd and pastedd .. but it didnt work .. help pleaseee(:

  6. Willard Freiberg said:

    What a impressive blogpost you wrote. Nice share. But I am having trouble with this RSS. I fail to subscribe. Is there any one else experiencing similar issue with your RSS?

  7. Itsy said:

    I like the ring tone and I love his shades LOL!!

  8. Matthew said:

    Why do people not like the ringtone? Weirdos…

  9. Ugleking said:

    Heey Julian, could you put jacquese’s phat beat on iTunes as a ringtone?

  10. Jack said:

    Dude please put this on I tunes as a song it’s awesome

  11. Dunyazade said:

    Gasp! That’s not the guy from Blimey Cow, is it?!?

  12. Natalee said:

    I didn’t realize it until now….@ 0:56 is Julian’s brother-in-law, Kyle, and his brother, Jhason

  13. olivia said:

    @Dunyazade and @Manti : Yes, it is! Haha yay for fellow BlimeyCow fans! *virtual high five*

  14. Silvanio said:

    I really like this trick. . After read your post, now I can eislay create iphone ring tones in itunes. . Thanks again for sharing this with us. I like to follow your blog.

  15. Rachel said:

    LOVE Jaquese! This is my absolute favorite, but for some reason It won’t give me the option to watch the video. Has it been removed? I’d love to watch and share!