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  2. camlovescookies said:

    Your pee could save my life……HAHA! Hilarious!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Selena said:

    Macbro: if you are seeing this I know who she is! Her name is Sarah Smith! if you go to a website called you will she a picture of her!

  4. renee said:

    your pee will save my life!!! First time i watched this i peed

  5. renee said:

    @Antwan Sander u were writing way 2 smart for this website. Tobby going to get made at U!!!

  6. said:

    157th!!! Wow, that was creepy when i heard about this.

  7. TiggerhappyGunner said:

    Wow, That guy with the gun fails :)) :D :( BECUASE HE IS TRIGGER HAPPY!!

  8. Julia said:

    Love it so much. My sister and i quote it all the time:

  9. cad said:

    when is julian making a new video?? We’ve all been waiting for 3 weeks now! no offense julian but could you hurry up? I’ve watched al your videos and without new ones the internet means nothing to me. lol

  10. isabel said:

    who would pee with the door open jeez that’s DISGUSTING EWWLLLLLL!!!!!!!

  11. Vina said:

    A little raotinlatiy lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for contributing!

  12. kia said:

    I love this video! I mean whos pees withhe door open first of all? Oooh julian only you. Thats why we love you so much :)

  13. Cheyenne said:

    I love this video!! It’s one of my faves!! :) It’s so awesome, but so gross……’s so funny!

  14. Alex said:

    Alright, I’m gonna do this cuz we’re a team Toby that’s what we are! We’re a freakin’ team!

  15. renee said:

    OMG when he said that there was a man with a gun in his room i almost peeed myself! LOL

  16. a person said:

    i was waiting for the ‘hello my name is gabrial’ that would have been halarious!!!

  17. Suzi is awesome said:

    It’s randy!!!! The guy wit the gun is randy!!!!!!!!

  18. mckenna said:

    Omg hilarious video I was laughing so hard: ) julian u make the most funny videos ever!!!!

  19. Sid said:

    Wasn’t there a t-shirt “Your Pee could save my life”? I want one !!!!!
    Julian, make it! make it!

  20. Shafique said:

    I never thought I’d say ahtnniyg positive about Julian Lee after all the trouble he caused a while ago, but that video isn’t bad for waking the sheeple.I stole an idea last week from someone on another site posting as Miss White who suggested that we put useful videos or other files on memory sticks, mark them hidden truth and leave them for people to find, especially if we can drop them in coat pockets without being caught.This video would serve that purpose. Thank you Julian.One thing though. If you’re coming back here, as Incog and certain others would like, try to avoid trampling on people’s beliefs. I’m sure the Nazis weren’t saints, but to a lot of people nowadays that’s exactly what they were, mainly because they stood up to the jew. No other group has done that (yet).I’m absolutely certain they weren’t queers either. Why? Simple. Queers may be vicious in their hatred of all that’s normal, natural and good (just like the jews really), but they most certainly are NOT warriors. Queers are cowards. Point a finger at them and they run to mummy.If the Nazis had been queer, they would have been exterminated in days, and rightly so.If you can produce videos like this one, truthful while being gentle enough to start the awakening process, I suppose I must welcome you, albeit cautiously at first, but PLEASE try to respect the beliefs of others. We’ve had enough pointless attacks here lately.Btw, Cannibal and GTRman. When are we going to meet up again? GTRman has my e-mail, and he’s welcome to pass it on to you, Cannibal. It would be good to meet up with other aware Brits too.I’m actually meeting one for the first time tomorrow, but not (yet) an Incoglander this time.