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    A lot of you are taking this too seriously and being offended. Its hilarious! Just laugh about it and move on! This is one of my favorite videos!! Keep em coming!

  3. Anonymous said:

    Im a strong Catholic and this video is hilarious. He didnt cross any lines. However I do want to see that girl in more of your vids julian. SHES GORGEOUS!!!!!

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    I was a little offended when i saw this at first, but i love it because it makes fun of lazy people. :)

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    People who are getting offended he is trying to be funny. He not trying to offend you so chills

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    To make sure they go upstairs when they fall downstairs!

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    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HA! I love this guy…

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    Randy is a three course meal, plus desert to seal the deal!

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    @ someone…


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    Is there some place where you can buy Pre-Blessed Stickers of “Approval” ha ha, I’d buy one, just a suggestion

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    Im going to make some “Pre-Blessed” stickers and put them on boxes at walmart

  12. Anonymous said:

    Lol can you please sell the pre-blessed stickers???
    :D i would so buy them!!!

  13. Anonymous said:

    watching this from England! Julian your ace-ness is international! And to all you Americans; Not all people from England are posh. If you look up ‘chavs in england’ you will see! And London and Birmingham are not the only places in England! I’m from Edale :)
    And when you say that an English person is ‘British’ that means that they coild come from Scotland or Wales or Northan Ireland not just England.

  14. Anonymous said:

    “It’s the 21st century folks, we can sell anything!”

  15. Anonymous said:

    I was once asked to say grace before dinner. Instead, I told my mom that, “It done been blessed!”
    Then she asked me, “Do you want some Randy with your grounding?”
    Instead of shtting my mouth I said, “Sorry. I’m not a cannible”
    My friend, Randy, was sitting right next to me. He didn’t know what we were talking about and he hasn’t come over to my house since….

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    If ya don’t wanna white guy blessing ur food, we have that too! “Lord, bless these eggs and bless the chicken that laid these eggs!!!!!!!” Lol even though I’m white I would sooo want a black guy to bless my food.

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    So my bf’s name is randy and at school he asked me “How’s lunch? And I go “It was okay but i’d rather eat randy” I had to explain the whole thing to him and show him the video. We’re still dating but when we’re eating it’s awkward.

  18. Anonymous said:

    Oh my gosh. One of the best videos ever!! I love your videos Julian! Keep on keeping on. :)
    (I wish I could buy some Pre-Blessed Stickers to slap on some food at the supermarket. ;D)

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    “bless these eggs,father. bless the chickens that had these eggs,father.”LOVED IT!

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    you can’t buy tickets to heaven okay? you have to accept Him into your heart and live for him. thank you and God bless!

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    I can’t get over the “IT DONE BEEN BLESSED!!”

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    Why would I need pre-blessed food? I can call anyone I want when I’m on my car phone.