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  1. catherine said:

    whenever i hear someone say a racist joke i say:did you drink racist coffee this mornig?

  2. Michaela said:

    i just noticed that the black person is wearing a white shirt and the white person is wearing a black shirt! LOL!

  3. bryton mark hanson said:

    i wear black teeshirts all the time and i am weight

  4. catherine said:

    when ever i hear someone sayin’ racist jokes and stuff like that i say did you drink racist coffee this morning!?!?

  5. Ciana said:

    I never thought that I would find someone that comes up with these funny/weird videos like me and my friends

  6. Classy-fied said:

    as you can see it was monday and they are tired. “I hate mondays”- Garfield

  7. Taylor said:

    Does not make sense at all to me… BUT I LOVE IT ANYWAY!

  8. HamburgersNahIdRatherEatRandy said:

    He looks so insecure his eyes dart back and forht the entire time

  9. Sami V. said:

    My favorite part is the older guy, I keep watching the video to see him, even though I bought the song. I love when he tries to hid his coffee with his hand!!