Confederate Candle

Proudly announcing five new luxurious scents.


Hi, I'm Julian. I grew up making videos and music with my friends and somehow never stopped. I post new stuff here all the time so check back or download my app from the App Store!

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  1. NachoTaco said:

    “Close your eyes and try to imagine you’re not eating dinner in a porta=potty.” Best. Line. EVER.
    Thank you J. Smith, for not making me lose hope in stupid yet hilarious internet vids!

  2. Ian V. said:

    i dont like it! your loseing your touch man:(

  3. Jkc said:

    My favorite bids are the music bids..outstanding talent…thanks for the entertainment.

  4. curtis said:

    for chris all the way up there get a life!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. milarocks said:

    hey soooo funny keep up the good work julien

  6. LOGANLOVER4VR said:!!!!!! julian i love all of your work me and my friend had a 3 hour julian smith marathon!!! love you!!!

  7. qweryuioasdfhjklzxcvnm said:

    not your best but still a little funny, but still YOUR THE FUNNIEST OF THE CENTURY

  8. Casey said:

    HEY I DONT SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Julia said:

    You really need to stop doing songs! you need to do some funny stuff! and put some jeffrey in some of these! it was not your best one ever I really do not like it! and james cameron was really not funny at all! DO SOMETHING WAY MORE FUNNY!

  10. Robert Denny said:

    replay…replay…replay…ahhh im stuck xD
    love the vid, good job

  11. Alexa said:


    love u 4ever

  12. Bonne said:

    hey Julian me and my family LOVE YOU u make the awesomest videos, i was watching your little brothers videos (Jude) and thought that you should make a video with all of your family in it, i don’t know it’s just a thought.

  13. said:

    julian im a giant fan of yours please reply to my mail.
    keep up the good work!

  14. Johnny boy said:

    Hey Juian! Your like my favorite creator eveh! i can’t wait for your next video. You need to make a movie or at least a dvd series. I rly need to talk to you so plz reply

  15. A Kook said:

    Imagine having to grab a candle because someone cooking some thing that smelled bad and it turned out to be one of those… Worst nightmare.

  16. Liberty Jane said:

    Excuse me, Cassia, but Julian Smith IS MARRIED. Have you not watched his vlogs? He is definitely married. Even for a couple of years now actually.
    By the way, Julian, I love you so much! I just barely bought your “Waffles” t-shirt (As in a few minutes ago)! By the way, i love Rhett and Link, too. I love you, but this “Confederate Candles” was not your best sketch. Go back to the stuff that made us laugh, like the “Kidnapped” series, and “Hot Kool-Aid”, and even “Laquisha is Ghetto”. Please?

  17. Tyler Hoff said:

    Julian your slacking man, its been 2 weeks since you put up a new video.

  18. Sed0na said:

    Do you think I could really buy one of those????

  19. quadle said:

    when are you going to release a new video julian?

  20. Katie said:

    So funny! Great pun on the “Yankee” candle company…

  21. Hannah said:

    Great job julian smith i love you videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. David said:

    i love all your videos and this one i like the morning breath haha you very funny i saw all your videos.

    from david haha

  23. rooty125 said:

    This video is so funny!!!!!! I would love to have some of those candles hahahahahaha.
    <3 ya julian
    peas out peeps

  24. addison said:

    Julian Smith, the master of all things Soundtrack Pro.

  25. Macbro said:

    Hey Julian… WE LOVE YOU!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!WOO HOOOO ….. ever think of having michael buble on one of your shows :D:D:D:D Ok we have a GREAT idea…. you should imitate Michael Jackson!! lol that would be awesome :D We love you soooo much!

  26. Haley said:

    ~breathes morning breath on julian’s face~
    I didn’t brush for YOU!

  27. Lanie said:

    HA! That was extremely funny! Keep up the great work on your videos. LOVE them!

  28. Mae said:

    This is the best! Confederate candles…… nice

  29. morgan said:

    hi u no the expression you made my day right well my birthday is comming up and if julian smith cme to my birthday that right there would make my life!!!

  30. Paul said:

    I wanna see Julian do a video of complaining how theres no cell phone service.I think that would be hilarious!!!