The latest gaming system. No controllers. No disks. No console.


Hi, I'm Julian. I grew up making videos and music with my friends and somehow never stopped. I post new stuff here all the time so check back or download my app from the App Store!

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  1. Fleem the Pofwal said:

    My buddy Justinian the Great recycled my uMove. :( Guess that’s what you call “clean air.” :P

  2. crazyperson said:

    dude….. that was AWOSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me and my friends LOVE your videos!!! there so cool!!!

  3. Emily said:

    OUR INTERNETS DOWN! haha than at the end “hey is that a umove?”

  4. Danielle said:

    haha i saw this video when it just came out and it was funny but i just watched the Playstation’s Move but I thought it said I Move and i immediatly thought of this and came back to watch it and now it’s hilarious!

  5. tha awsome person i love so much said:

    I think technoligy is DIGRESING & wats whith the extra 1 cent thou that outher guy cant catch a foot ball ,who is that ould guy in the back walking on the side walk & whos pictures in the back iv never heard of huny nut o’s abox can be fun thou not if its 599.99$ thou

  6. Kitti said:

    hahahaha! This is sort of like the Rhett and Link (youtube them!) gaming in the future! LOL wow Julian!

  7. Forest292 said:

    Is that what was in the box from UI5M or was it a temporal disruptor?

  8. emma said:

    so is he a christian or……….is he just insulting them

  9. Dezi said:

    OMg!!!! Julian U R AMAZING!!!!!!!!! :D
    This song is kinda weird… but its AMZING!!!!!! :D

  10. roxanne said:

    OUR INTERNETS DOWN. lol. Hey julian r u a christian?

  11. Nancy B:) said:

    Helen Keller has a Umove!

    I can’t stop laughing when I watch you’re videos!

  12. Cheyann said:

    lol so true!!! haha hilarious when u said u didn’t know if technology was progressing or digressing

  13. Ava said:

    I LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE your videos!!! and emma i dont think he would insult Christians!!! I think he is 1! hahaha lol i am

  14. person said:

    I have gone around school telling random people about the “new” and awsome Umove, and how it’s the best gaming system ever! (tell them they should buy one) The confused looks they give you is so cool.

  15. Prady said:

    Jacquelyn! Consider this me admonishing you to take beettr care of yourself. :) Seriously though, I hope you get the rest you need and are able to get back on your feet asap. Sometimes, we really do have to listen to our bodies they always seem to let us know when they’ve had enough!