Rendezvous With You

I want to rendezvous with you.


Hi, I'm Julian. I grew up making videos and music with my friends and somehow never stopped. I post new stuff here all the time so check back or download my app from the App Store!

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  1. Anonymous said:

    the second guy kind of scare me but I love this video! lol

  2. Anonymous said:

    another episode that has the boneless chicken commercial

  3. Anonymous said:

    U r wierd and demented but entertaining and funny thanx for the laughs

  4. Anonymous said:

    Haha lol. I like the part at the end where you guys are dancing like crazy and ur hat and glasses fall off. Lol

  5. Anonymous said:

    What’s the other guys name and youtube channel?

  6. Anonymous said:

    Hi Julian!!!! I called you once!!! Your a fucking slut and you suck on dick you queer gay cunt!