Mr. Timn the Milkman



Hi, I'm Julian. I grew up making videos and music with my friends and somehow never stopped. I post new stuff here all the time so check back or download my app from the App Store!

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  1. Forest292 said:

    He died again?! Does he do that every time? Julian’s gonna get you………. boy!!

  2. Nick D said:

    “Do you hear that? It’s a group of people blowin their noses together! I want to join that party boy. And I’ll be getting to that party………………………boy!” He should really watch where he’s going! This is the second time he’s died!

  3. Nakai said:

    Addendum: I’m going to start saying “Benji!” instead of “cool.” :)

  4. Evan said:

    Soo.. It’s been mr time that has had the box… Which is why he can keep dying? Then why did he leave it for jullian when gabby killed him?

  5. jayce said:

    does mr. timn have 9 lives or something?? geez,he’s died like 3 times already!

  6. Natalee said:

    Lol how can Mr Timn die three times and then still be alive to be the boss of the dislike parties?
    It’s that box! You better destroy it! Next time, you’ll be dead and the clone will be the one that lives! lol xD

  7. Stephanie said:

    We named the cat that comes to our back porch Mr. Timn because he shows up uninvited and is a little bit mean, but we feed him anyway.

    Mr. Timn is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Any plans to make more of these? Please say yes!

  8. Oscar said:

    Maybe Mr. Timn’s full name is Benji Timn?! Or maybe not… BOY!

  9. yo obman said:

    Lol love your videos, they never get old. Thanks for all the laughs.