Mr. Timn and Kill You (TakeOut)

Bloopers and behind the scenes: Mr. Timn and Kill You


Hi, I'm Julian. I grew up making videos and music with my friends and somehow never stopped. I post new stuff here all the time so check back or download my app from the App Store!

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  1. julia said:

    I aggree with shneeb!!!!! Shneeb is my friend and there is something wrong with your website!

  2. Claire said:

    I just read the page about you and brace yourself ok are you ready ok where both from Nashville!!! :D

  3. Lauren K said:

    OMG this i ssooooo funny. FTW i gonna make kill you here kill you here!!

  4. finalfire said:

    You really should have put that barely survive you line in there,it’s perfect!

  5. Connor Lewis said:

    I would have to say it isn’t the best mr. timn video but all of timns vids are funny

  6. Katja said:

    This is great. I love the bloopers. And I love Mr. Timn. Great work Julian. Keep it up!

  7. Ms.Timn said:

    hi there.
    Gooo fish. uhhh got any threes? Ohohoho oh this internet is kinda slow.. i love Nate Maiwald!
    Barely survive you but that would be kinda long. I wrote this for you Julian!!!

  8. Amanda said:

    Julian! Please come back to life and make more videos! :'( I miss you!
    Gabrielle, you are a bad man! >:(
    What is Jeffery going to do without you?
    P.S. you’re cute. (:

  9. Ninja_Kitty115 said:

    Everyone is loved. Everyone has a choice. Life or death. “Everyone dies” u say? True. But what happens when u die? Hmmm? Life or death? It depends on if u believe and act upon my next fact. God loves evryone, no matter what they’ve done. Repent. Live.
    -God is love

  10. Oakley Galaxy (yes, that's my real name) said:

    Amen, Ninja_Kitty115. Amen to that. Forgiveness and grace are always and forever with God. That’s His promise. And He only asks one thing in return for all He gives: your promise to love Him and have faith in Him through everything. A simple trade; a trade I made long ago and am relishing in now. I hold no regrets. God is good. He’s all I need. And I’ve got him. Give me an “Amen” if you’re never letting go! :)

  11. GingeryHairedChild said:

    Amen to Ninja_Kitty115! Its so great to hear someone speak such truth :D Keep living in His word

  12. FTFGinger said:

    Seriously people!!? Can’t you spell!?
    I have seen over 23 spelling mistakes in the last 11 comments…
    It’s not r it’s ARE!
    It’s not u it’s YOU
    It’s not that hard it’s SIMPLE!

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