Mr. Timn and Kill You

Say, that’s some fancy craftsmanship you got there.


Hi, I'm Julian. I grew up making videos and music with my friends and somehow never stopped. I post new stuff here all the time so check back or download my app from the App Store!

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  1. joseph said:

    How did you kill Mr. Timn 3 times, does he like have 2 brothers or something

  2. Flashkill said:

    This was the best yet. “Guess who
    s comin with me?”
    “Me? *Wimpers*”
    “Kill you!”

  3. BOMBAD JEDI said:

    DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i kill you

  4. Emily said:

    ya i agree i think they should get rid of him so he does not kill anybody!

  5. Jada Towner said:

    Dear Mr. Timn,

    I have only two words that I will say to you. Besides these. YOU ROCK!

    Sincerely, Jada Towner

  6. Forest292 said:

    Note to self: If mr. Timn comes into my window, I punch him.

  7. Nick D said:

    I can just see mr timn eating donuts on Jeffery’s house, Jeffery comes in says who are you, and in the end, mr timn dies by his car.

  8. lauren said:

    I dont care what your gonna call it! Your gonna call it Kill You!

  9. Oakley Galaxy (yes, that's my real name) said:

    Mr. Timn has such bad luck. He can’t seem to get across the street without a car zooming in from out of nowhere. He’d get hit on a deserted road, poor guy.

  10. Ninja_Kitty115 said:

    Oakly Galaxy u rock!!! Help me share the good news with everyone! Whenever u comment on here or youtube, put a Bible verse or just an “evangelical” statement (i dont think i spelled that right…..)!

    And anyone one else: be brave share ur faith. God called us to be witnesses to all people!!

  11. Charlie the drunk guinea pig said:

    You should make more mr.timn videos there my favorite

  12. Scott said:

    in the next video, make him get run over by a triple-decker Bus

  13. Sinik343 said:

    Mr. Timn reminds me of the Joker a little bit!! :0

  14. Trixie said:

    Timn, you ever need another window to visit, you come by mine anytime!

  15. JDogg said:

    OK, too many ads. I watched three videos in a row, and before each video the SAME ad played. So sad o say that by the time I saw the third ad, in front of the third video, I stopped and refused to watch it. You need to do something about this to keep your traffic, I am a fan and I am going to go ahead and go back towatching you on youtube.

  16. Katie said:

    hey julian…when are you going to make more Mr. timn videos for me to watch?

  17. Matt said:

    Dont be hatin on them pretzels please they are so good, especially with a little cheese. MMMMM yummy

  18. rando randy said:

    the kill you just five payments of elleventeen dollars and negative zero cents.
    if this is to expensive for you have a kirby