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  1. Anonymous said:

    i think your old videos were better. you need to make your videos better like the first ones

  2. Anonymous said:

    Wow Jeffrey nice house it’s pretty chill @Noah Boerner I think his oven is glorious as well

  3. Anonymous said:

    I like the idea of mr.timn meeting jeffrey, they would both be really confused. And jeffrey might follow mr timn and get hit by a car too. that would be bad.

  4. Anonymous said:

    ok that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA!!!!!! But, those first three coments were no all first aparently they don’t know how to count

  5. Anonymous said:

    weres the new video for this week??
    i love ur videos alot!! watch them every week!! wat day do u put
    more videos on? do u do it every week?

  6. Anonymous said:

    come out with a new video oorr I’ll…!!!!! idk

  7. Anonymous said:

    Look, people it’s only been about a week. Give him a break. You can’t rush perfection! He’s probably thinking a plan/ script to a knew video right now while I’m typing this. So let him be!

  8. Anonymous said:


  9. Anonymous said:

    let me guess

    your going to make mr.timn a channel too

  10. Anonymous said:

    r u jeffrey
    if you r plz make a website for him because things will be quiet around here because i cant watch youtube

  11. Anonymous said:

    He isn’t leaving!! He is just moving out… no where does it say that he is leaving all the videos… Yeah… Jeffrey says it… but Julian knows that everyone would get mad if he left COMPLETELY!! So stop freaking out!! :) You are great Julian!! Keep up the good work!!

  12. Anonymous said:

    okay so wait… is jullian and jeffery the same guy?? cos in this video they are in it together which means they arent the same person?? im i correct?

  13. Anonymous said:

    i hope you’re not serious about Jeffrey not being in any more vids. THAT WOULD JUST BE SAD!!!!!! :’(

  14. Anonymous said:


    Bande de cons !! c’est quoi ça, le premier à le droit de se mettre le doigt dans le cul?

  15. Anonymous said:

    But not at JEFFERY’S HOOUUSE!!!! Jeffery, man, I love your ceiling fan, dude. It’s magnificent. For a second there, I thought that you had just moved all of Julian’s stuff out of his house and just appropriated yourself there, but you wouldn’t do that, right? (Laughs nervously) Ooooof course not.

  16. Anonymous said:

    JEFFERY???? GONE????!!!!!!!!!! NOOOO!
    i miss jeffery! you need to make videos with him still! maybe a tv show inside of yours called “At jefferys house! :)” haha you could just do a few episodes, like of him baking or something! :) reply if you think he should do this! :)

  17. Anonymous said:

    You need to make a Mr. Timn video with Jeffery in it. That would be amazing.

  18. Anonymous said:

    @connor. What’s up with all the y’s?

    @Julian Smith *tear* *tear*

  19. Anonymous said:

    Yo Julian Smith is the best comedy video maker of all time! Mr Timn is his best character yo home dogs!

  20. Anonymous said:

    Hmm… Now who’s Jeffery gonna call when he’s bored?

  21. Anonymous said:

    hey julian this is julia stith im 11 i thought it was awesome

  22. Anonymous said:

    jeffery is the same as julian its called the cloning trik he used it in u in 5 mins.

  23. Anonymous said:

    I think this video is awesome! It’s really funny! ROTFL! Well not literally but, theoretically! Well. . . Bye!!!!!

  24. Anonymous said:

    dude, wtf julian? how do you kick out the mentally retarded?