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  1. FTFMAINE said:

    Am I the only one here that memorizes this song and recites this in from of friends? Until they sing along?

  2. TheGrumpy1 said:

    This remindes me of when I was a kid and go into the woods behind my grandmas house.

  3. Stacy said:

    AKBAR!!!!!!! D: GRAMA YOU KILLED AKBAR! YOU EVIL GRAMA! this song made me cry. cry tears of laughter!!! i love you jeffery! XD i love when grama was like you can do whatever you want cause your like 21! That was hilarious i totally wasnt expecting that! XD

  4. Lizy said:

    This song. first <3 then </3 IM GOING TO A CORN MAZE TODAY. not corn feild but corn maze. I was hoping to meet akbar possibly but then i remembered what granny did to him. rest in peace akbar. Ill be thinking of him all day. and be singing this song all day. :D my friends are gonna be so annoyed. :D

  5. Vanderwestbevanstevenavich said:

    Hahahaha! It gets better every time! I’ve seen this video like 10 times!

  6. Mirinda said:

    This is definitely worthy of a violin solo…I’m working on it! LoL

  7. Jillian said:

    Oh my gosh I watched this over and over again it mad me cry every time.I actually memorized it all IT’S SO SAD YET SO FUNNY!!! <3

  8. autumn said:

    This waz sad the grandma killed the corn i waz sooooo sad D:

  9. Flubfulness said:

    Still a better love story than Twilight.