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  1. Mason said:

    F.y.i, bob, mr. timn was the one on the other computer with gab, u know telling his he was weak.

  2. 1horsegrl said:

    you know that makes a lot of sense! i love how you tied them in together…very smart julian….very smart…
    but i feel sorry for the one that drowned…rofl……… :D

  3. Vanessa Pham said:

    Make more please and love ur sound track of strange things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. laura said:

    OMG!!!!!! this is like the most EPIC video EVER!!!

  5. Classy-fied said:

    I didnt understand that seiries but now I do.

  6. Lydia said:

    I finally understand. Wow! I can’t believe Mr. Timn did it! You would think he would of said boy……. You are amazing Julian! I can not believe most of my friend do not know who you are.

    I do not remember the other thing I was gonna say…. Hmmmmm………………..

  7. Tabby McMahom said:

    The ending song ALWAYS reminds me of the credits song on the Bourne movies!!!! AALLWWAAYYS!!!!

  8. NAME TOO EPIC said:

    i think you should make pt 3 kidnapped: 5 million subscribers in 2 months. still part 1 and 2 is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Natalee said:

    HOLY CUCUMBERS!! SO RADICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Scott said:


  11. Morgan said:

    I get it now! It took my like 20 minutes to understand! hehe! I always knew Mr. Timn was up to no good.

  12. Anna said:

    wow. so, julian found the box from you in five minutes, he made a future version of himself, that version drowned.

    Yeah…….. i still don’t quite get it. : !

  13. Lindsay said:

    Julian you are brilliant!!!!!!! That was mind-blowing! LOL MR.TIMN!!! :D

  14. Seth said:

    Awe man, this one just gets me every time!! So brilliant.

  15. Tweety said:

    I finally understand why you made:you in five minutes. IFINALLYUNDERSTAND

  16. Annraye said:

    wait so one of the guys from you in five minutes was the one who got kidnapped…mhmhm…..

  17. IAN said:

    i might understand one of the copies gets kidnapped [and killed] by mr. timn am i correct?

  18. CallMeLuLu said:

    Ok… So This is what happened?:

    the Original Julian smith comes in contact with three clones of himself (one of which for some reason is black) all in different times. Either before that or after that, Julian is kidnapped by Gabriel. After his ransom is given from Julian’s subscribers, Gabriel grudgingly let’s Julian go. Later, (and for some reason) Mr Timn hires a kidnapper/assassin (Gabriel) to kill Julian, who forces Jeffery to tell him where Julian lives. in the middle of the night, Jeffrey calls Julian up and tells him His previous kidnapper, Gabriel, is coming for him to kidnap him again. Julian panics, packing to leave. Julian (Somehow; accidentally or on purpose) releases a duplicate of himself to stall Gabriel so that he can get away. (so the original Julian can get away) The duplicate gets caught.(and the original escapes) After having The duplicate of Julian in captivity for the appointed time (And unknowingly to Gabriel The Original Julian safe, hiding out) Gabriel executes the duplicate Julian. After Gabriel is gone, The Original Julian returns, and sees the box on the floor. (Which even after 7+ weeks is still there for some reason) The Original Julian goes out back to the pool, where he sees the murdered duplicate of himself at the bottom of the pool. He (the original Julian) Continues on with life, shooting videos, ect.

    Ok, someone correct me if I got something wrong in this; I’m still trying to get a few thing figured out. I still have a few mysteries:

    1) in ‘You in Five Minutes’, a) why is one of his clones black? b) Why does his black clone have superpowers? and c) why doesn’t Julian tell his friends about what happened?
    2) in ‘Missing’, ep 2, a) why don’t Julian’s friends tell the police? and b) is it because there is another Julian duplicate actually backing up Gabriel’s story in the hospital, and Julain’s friends don’t know?
    3) Why doesn’t the original Julian try to save his duplicate while he (Original Julian) is in hiding? Or at least avenge his death?
    4) What happened to all of the duplicates that didn’t die?
    5) What happened to the black duplicate of Julian?
    6) Why was there a black duplicate?
    7) Why did Mr. Timn want Julian dead?
    8) Did Mr Timn have the box all along before this whole crisis, and that is why he kept ‘dying’?
    9) If so, how did Julian get it?

    Geesh, still alot of mystery. Well done Julian! Good luck on you’re movie– I’m sure it’ll be amazing. All I can ask is; Please make ALL the mysteries solved at the end! :) You can Bet a million dollars I’ll watch it, either way. :)

  19. AB said:

    I don’t get it what did the box have to do with something or what?