Naked in Your Shower

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Keep your friends decent in the shower with our Naked Soap!

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Written by Julian Smith & Josh Lovell

Directed by Julian Smith

Cinematography by:
Julian Smith & Justin Johns ( )

Cast: Julian Smith & Johnny Kocourek

© 2012 papertown entertainment, inc.


Hi, I'm Julian. I grew up making videos and music with my friends and somehow never stopped. I post new stuff here all the time so check back or download my app from the App Store!

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  1. Anonymous said:

    are you playing guitar without a strap? how are you holding that up? fantastic video btw you are brilliant

  2. Anonymous said:

    Don’t tell Smosh, but you are my favorite youtuber. I MADE THIS FOR YOU

  3. Anonymous said:

    this is my favorite video you rule like crazy!

  4. Anonymous said:

    I’ve had a really bad day. Your videos always cheer me up :). You should email me though :D