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  1. Katie said:

    Oh My Gosh! So excited over the new Jeffery! Could Mr. Smith be making more after the hiatus? I hope so! Such a big fan!?! Love B Story, too.

  2. Grace said:

    First one! Merry Christmas, all. This sketch is too great, as usual :)

  3. Matt said:

    Glad to see that you r back to making videos for the peeps that watch them, like myself. Pretty great when Jeffrey called Donnivin racist… especially coming from a black man.

  4. Name said:

    “So you’re going to take it back when I leave?”
    “No I’m going to take it back before so I don’t have to chase you to the bus.”

  5. Vi p said:

    Wow. Glad the vids are back. I need random hilarity back in my life again. Love u, Julian!

  6. tracy miller said:

    Re: BWJ white elephant
    Just watched video, love your ideas however on this one you crossed the line. “Indian giver.” Myself and several Indian Tribes are very offended. That phrase is so so negative and false. In nearly every ceremony Indians give away items. Some families spend $1000’s for these special “give aways” for funerals, memorials, naming ceremonies….hey and you know what?? They NEVER TAKE IT BACK

  7. Tweety said:

    Absolutely amazing, although, yes I agree with Tracy. Though you don’t mean to offend anyone, just be careful with what you say.(no, duh) ANYWAYS. Keep on making great videos!!!

  8. Tweety said:

    Hey, everyone! If you want to see the most recent video, go to YouTube and look up, “this is a pinecone.” Don’t judge the name. Came from Julian’s masterminded ness!