Kia Motors – Small Can Do Big

ClientKia Motors, USA
RolesCreative Director, Original Music Composer, Director

Small Can Do Big

Full follow-through on this one, from creative to production and distribution. Needed to convey the Kia Rio’s versatility due to its size; the ambition of this spot just felt right, and very Kia.

A collaboration with David&Goliath, this creative stems from my 2009 video, TECHNO JEEP (both, live, single take musical performances using cars as instruments). Due to the unorthodox nature of this Kia Motors objective, I remained a key point of contact interdepartmentally from ideation through production and distribution.

  • 4 days in the studio with pre-release Kia Rio, capturing noises, arranging melodies and rhythm sections. Track approved by client within 2 weeks.
  • Held casting session with top LA drumming talent. Narrowed talent by ability to recreate rhythmic patterns on the fly.
  • Storyboarded & choreographed
  • 2 days group rehearsals (weeks prior to which, talent rehearsed at home).
  • Captured successful single-take performance on DTLA rooftop.
  • National ad buy + 10MM Views (cross-platform, organic)