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Director / Storyteller

OG digital content creator and early pioneer of YouTube.

Composer / Producer

With 1M digital sales and hundreds of millions of streams.

Idiot / Ignoramus

Has managed to remain juvenile despite 31 years of entropy.

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2 Damn White Guys with too many big questions! From the origins of written language to quantum mechanics, we’re out to make sense of it all. Weekly podcast hosted by Julian Smith (Director/Comedian) & Andrew Rader (MIT PhD, Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All).

The Hosts


is a screenwriter, director, and musician with a body of work that has garnered 1 billion views. As one of the earliest pioneers of YouTube (2008), Smith has grown a dedicated following of 2M people. As a commercial director he’s created content for some of the world’s leading brands (incl. Nestle, Chevrolet, HP, Kia Motors).


is an MIT PhD wielding aerospace engineer and the current Mission Manager at SpaceX. We call him the Facts Machine. He’s also a game designer, author, YouTuber, and winner of Discovery Channel’s #1 series, Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All (smartest person in Canada, basically). Originally from Ottawa, Andrew now lives in Los Angeles. He has 3 million followers on Twitter spanning multiple accounts.

Top 5 Episodes

1. #024 Why Nations Fail w/ Daron Acemoglu
2. #003 Who Wrote The Bible w/ Richard Elliott Friedman
3. #047 How Prepared Are We For An Asteroid Impact?
4. #037 WTF is Money?
5. #019 The Way We Speak Shapes Everything w/ Lera Boroditsky

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Juvenile Musing #1

When I was 15, I set up two mall employees on a blind date through an elaborate, month-long series of prank calls. When I followed up, the guy had quit his job that same day, and the woman told me, “We probably shouldn’t talk anymore.” I still don’t know what happened.

Juvenile Musing #2

My elementary school teachers thought I had mental problems but my parents disagreed. I was homeschooled afterwards, but recently learned that I meet the DSM criteria for ASD (I’m scared to be clinically tested).

Juvenile Musing #3

I once took a guitar and amp into a public restroom stall and began soloing to the loudspeaker music. A security guard approached saying, “I’m gonna have to ask you to stop.” Mid-solo I replied, “Are you going to ask me?” I packed up and left politely upon request.

Digital Shorts

More Shorts
Some things I've made for fun (directed by yours truly)
  • Malk

    An argument escalates quickly over the pronunciation of “Milk.” | 30M Views.
  • I Wish I Was A Black Guy

    Just two loser honkeys wishing that they had more soul. | 2M Views
  • Content

    When you aren’t content with your content. | 480K Views
  • Waffles

    When your friend wants all the waffles. | 22M Views
  • WiFi

    What to do when the internet goes down? | 3M Views
  • I’m Reading A Book

    A cracker rap for all the book nerds. | 10M Views
  • Reservation

    A first date goes south when a man is repeatedly impaled by invisible arrows. | 2M Views
  • Never Get Naked In Your Shower

    A cautionary ballad about getting naked in someone else’s shower. | 7M Views
  • Akbar

    The legend of Akbar the corn, as told by Jeffery Dallas. | 10M Views
  • Everything’s Okay Now

    Everything’s at a 10 in Julian Smith and Amy Acker’s bizarre relationship… | 3M Views


Some things I've made for brands (directed by yours truly)



About Me

I'm a professional weirdo and accidental ninja of content strategy, audience development, advertising, and production (through trial, error and some good luck). Born and raised in Nashville, I set up shop in LA ten years ago. People say I’ve got too many interests but my first love is creation itself — from music, stories, photos, furniture, to scientifically brewed cups of coffee. I began as a freelance editor before I could drive and founded my first production company at 18. In time I produced more self-indulgent content and it happened to become a thing. After a decade of rogue silliness, I've paused my weekly digital shorts to start a podcast and pursue directing in various mediums. I'm also a husband and father to three charming kiddos (the charming part I attribute to my wife's genes). Thanks for stopping by!

PS: A hidden button on this page will take you to a private playlist of videos I made as a teenager (and it's totally not worth the effort).


(fairly MIA on social media these days but I do check email regularly)